Ceanothus velutinus

  • Ceanothus velutinus  tobacco bush
  • Ceanothus velutinus  tobacco bush
  • Ceanothus velutinus  tobacco bush
tobacco bush

Found primarily in the northern half of the state in the Coast Ranges, Sierras, Klamath and Modoc regions, in coniferous forests, chaparral, and various woodland environments up to 11,000 ft in elevation, the resinous floral scent and plumes of soft white flowers from spring to early summer make tobacco brush a choice evergreen shrub for dry, sunny to part-shade garden sites that drain well. Grows to 6-10 ft tall, and has large, sticky dark-green, aromatic, leathery foliage. A larval host for many native butterfly species such as the ceanothus silk moth, California tortoiseshell butterfly, and the hedgerow hairstreak butterfly. The flowers are also attractive to native bee and butterfly pollinators. Drought-tolerant once established.

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