Monardella villosa ssp. villosa 'Mark West'

  • Monardella villosa ssp. villosa 'Mark West' coyote mint
coyote mint

This sweet little coyote mint hails from the dry, inland hills above the Mark West watershed in North East Santa Rosa. It is more compact than the ‘Russian River’ selection, mounding to about 1’ high and spreading to 3’ across. The aromatic foliage is a light minty green, and the round lavender-pink flower heads bloom from late spring through summer. Best with a bit of protection from the hot afternoon sun, this coyote mint is great to tuck under a large, upright, drought tolerant shrub, such as manzanita or Ceanothus. Drought tolerant once established, but blooms best with occasional deep soaks. Needs good drainage. Like other coyote mints, it is a butterfly and native bee magnet. Deer resistant.

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