Erigeron 'W.R.'

  • Erigeron  'W.R.' seaside daisy
seaside daisy

The "W. R." stands for the late Wayne Roderick, whom we can thank for many fine plant introductions. This hybrid involves the seaside daisy, Erigeron glaucus and some other native species more tolerant of heat. The lavender daisies sit on slender stalks about 10 inches above low rosettes of narrow leaves. The flowers bloom over a long period in summer and are very attractive to pollinators of all sorts. Provide full sun in cooler areas but will enjoy part shade in hot inland sites. Moderate to occasional irrigation. Their seeds are favored by juncos and finches. Wayne discovered this surpisingly heat tolerant selection on the Del Norte coast. This selection should not be confused with 'Wayne Roderick', which is an entirely diferent selection of Erigeron.

We were given this plant from Ron Lutsko in 1985.  It was formally introduced into the trade shortly before that by Nevin Smith and Wintergreen Nursery.

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