Elymus (Leymus) triticoides x 'Lagunita'

creeping wild rye

Discovered by grass expert and John Greenlee, who describes it as his personal favorite ground cover grass for meadow installations. Often this species has blue-grey blades and grows tall and floppy, but 'Lagunitas' grows just 10 - 16 inches tall, with rich green blades. This form rarely flowers and is quite adaptable to soil types and watering regimes. The ability to tolerate both wet and dry conditions makes it valuable for areas that seasonally flood like rain gardens. A vigorous spreader, especially when well watered, but is better behaved in dryer sites. Once established, can be maintained with one or two waterings a month, keeping it green and fire safe. Tolerates trimming to about 4 inches, possibly more. Grows in full sun to light shade. Host plant to the Woodland Skipper butterfly.

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