Dichondra donelliana

  • Dichondra  donelliana  California ponysfoot
California ponysfoot

Dichondra is a small genus of flowering plants in the morning glory family that form a thick, mat-like ground cover of rounded leaves, once popular as lawn substitutes. This native species is uncommon in the nursery trade and in gardens, but has potential worth exploring. Native to California coastal plant communities on open slopes and moist grasslands, it forms a flat, perennial ground cover with tidy, rounded leaves, densely packed along creeping stems. The flowers are tiny and greenish-white, not real showy but interesting. An obvious application would be a small scale ground cover or meadow planting in areas with some moisture. Could be a candidate for green roofs or walls, where a low and spreading plant is the ticket. Plant in full sun on the immediate coast, otherwise light shade is necessary. Moderate summer water.    


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