Penstemon pinifolius 'Sunset Glow'

  • Penstemon pinifolius 'Sunset Glow' pineleaf penstemon
pineleaf penstemon

The floriferous pineleaf penstemon is native to Arizona and New Mexico and is a popular dry garden addition. ‘Sunset Glow’ is the result of a 20 year breeding program at the Denver Botanic Garden, working towards improved flower color and plant size and form. The luscious shade of soft-orange, tubular flowers, blends beautifully with other foliage and flower colors. The flowers begin in late spring atop the finely textured foliage, which forms a compact mound 12 - 18 inches tall and 18 -24 inches wide. Plant in full sun with good drainage and moderate to infrequent watering once established. Highly attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators.

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