Elymus (Leymus) triticoides

  • Elymus (Leymus) triticoides  creeping wild rye
creeping wild rye

Spreading, turf forming, perennial grass found in somewhat moist areas in many plant communities throughout California. An important restoration species, useful for holding soil and enhancing wildlife habitat value. Growing 2-4 ft. tall and spreading widely with an extensive network of rhizomatous roots which both hold soil and help prevent exotic weed establishment within their dense mats of roots and foliage. Slender blue-green blades are topped with narrow flower spikes 4-6 inches long. Excellent for seasonally moist bottom land and riparian areas where it can grow in full sun to light shade and tolerates many soil types. Will tolerate some drought in heavier soils. May spread too vigorously for small gardens.

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