Epilobium 'Schieffelin's Choice'

  • Epilobium  'Schieffelin's Choice' California fuchsia
  • Epilobium  'Schieffelin's Choice' California fuchsia
California fuchsia

This California fuchsia grows close to the ground - 10 - 12 inches tall with arching flower stalks. Gray foliage makes a wonderful foil for the bright orangey-red tubular flowers which appear summer through fall. Believed to be a cross between E. septentrionale and E. canum. Provide full sun to very light shade. One of the more drought tolerant selections but flowers best with occasional deep watering. Hummingbird favorite. Pruning plants down to a few inches in late autumn helps to rejuvenate them for the following year. Perhaps more deer resistant than other California fuchsias.

A.K.A. Zauschneria

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