Brodiaea elegans

  • Brodiaea elegans  harvest brodiaea
  • Brodiaea elegans  harvest brodiaea
harvest brodiaea

From grassy meadows and open woodlands comes this drought tolerant and colorful wildflower. Open clusters of dainty violet flowers sit atop stems reaching up from 4 to 16 inches in height. Plant in full sun to bright shade and provide decent drainage. As the name suggests, the harvest Brodiaea is the latest blooming of the Brodiaeas, sometimes not flowering until the end of summer after the grass-like leaves have gone dormant. It spreads rapidly but not invasively to form broad drifts. After blooming, this bulb will sleep until the return of winter rains. Do not irrigate. An excellent candidate for the rock garden where its graceful form will contrast wonderfully with the rigid stone.

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