June Newsletter

This is the last inventory of the spring season. Check out this link for the latest availability Inventory. The nursery is looking great with many possibilities for your garden.

We have a particularly good supply of four inch perennials in prime condition. This smaller size offers economy in price and makes for easier planting. Here are some highlights from the many choices available now.

We have four inch pots of hummingbird sage with its fragrant fruity foliage and crimson flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds and dependably drought and deer resistant. This reliable ground cover can grow in full sun along the coast but prefers a little shade in hotter sites. Another drought tolerant and deer resistant candidate for light shade is California fescue. Forming a large graceful bunch, this native grass looks beautiful in mass. A natural companion would be the native woodland strawberry, an excellent ground cover in shady areas with the added bonus of producing small tasty fruits. Both fragrant and delicious is the native yerba buena, a trailing perennial with shiny bright-green scented foliage that is both useful and attractive.

For the sunny garden we have woolly blue curls available again in four inch pots. A stunning plant offering a long season of brilliant blue-purple flowers adored by hummingbirds and bees. The foliage is rosemary-like with a pungent fragrance and is deer and drought tolerant. Another striking native plant available in four inch pots is white sage. Dependably drought and deer tolerant plus a bee, butterfly and hummingbird favorite. The buckwheats are hitting the field too and are renown for their habitat value, offering pollen and nectar for a wide array of insects and seeds for birds. Ready now are two small scale buckwheats, Eriogonum umbellatum 'Kannah Creek' a cultivar of the sulfur buckwheat and Eriogonum grande rubescens, the red buckwheat, with it's rosy-pink colored blossoms. Also ready to plant is a decumbent form of California buckwheat, called 'Warriner Lytle'

Pollinators really like members of the Asteraceae or the sunflower family for their big reward of pollen and nectar. Eriophyllums commonly called woolly sunflowers offer cheerful bright yellow daisies. We have four inch pots of a native cultivar called 'Siskiyou' which has beautiful white woolly foliage and large yellow daisies. New for us this year is Bidens ferulifolia, native to the southwest U.S. Valued for it's long blooming period of small but profuse yellow daisies.  An excellent filler and bee favorite. Cobweb thistle, another member of the Asteraceae offers a different floral structure style to attract a variety of native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This stunning native and NON-WEEDY thistle offers pollen, nectar and nesting material to a wide variety of insects. Hummingbirds love their flowers and it is a host plant to several native butterflies.

From the Mediterranean of Europe are some stellar pollinator plants that are deer and drought tolerant. Consider 'Pink Chintz' thyme, a perfectly flat aromatic ground cover with lavender-pink blossoms. Teucriums are summer blooming bee magnets that are deer and drought tolerant. In four inch pots we have Teucrium chamadrys, a tidy dark-green shrublet and Teucrium cossonii majoricum which forms a low silver mound, both with rosy pink bee enticing flowers. 

Liner Sale

At our nursery we often begin with a 2-1/4 inch size pot we call a liner. We have an overabundance of a few items in this size and are offering them at a discount. Perfect for potting up into a larger pots or planting out directly, these healthy starts are ready to go. $1.00 each for the following:

Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger' - blue sedge
Festuca idahoensis - Idaho fescue
Sisyrinchium bellum - blue eyed grass
Stipa cernua - nodding needlegrass

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