Sedum hispanicum

  • Sedum hispanicum  blue carpet, Spanish stonecrop
blue carpet, Spanish stonecrop

A little cutie of a plant! Forming a cushion/mound of blue to blue-gray, tight, tiny, needle-like leaves, this stonecrop is gorgeous in a rock garden, between stepping stones, or in a succulent planter. It spreads very slowly, staying just 2 inches tall and getting about 8 inches wide. Looking the same through the winter (hardy and evergreen), the cold seems to bring out the deeper purple colors. Have not seen it bloom yet - supposedly pinkish white flowers in summer. Needs well-drained soil and sun to part shade to look its best. Let dry between waterings. A fantastic form! Planted in our trough in front of the greenhouse.

Image above shows Sedum hispanicum (left) growing with Sedum spathulifolium carnea.

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