Mimulus (Diplacus) aurantiacus 'Freezeout Creek'

  • Mimulus (Diplacus) aurantiacus 'Freezeout Creek' red sticky monkeyflower
red sticky monkeyflower

This monkeyflower stood out from all the others, growing on a slope in an opening of a lush redwood forest in western Sonoma County. Instead of the more typical medium-orange, tubular flowers, 'Freezeout Creek', sports larger flowers of velvety, red-orange, fringed with gold on the petal edges. Monkeyflowers are drought tolerant, floriferous shrubs, growing 2 -3 ft. tall and blooming profusely in the late spring and into summer. Plant in full sun to light shade with decent drainage. Drought tolerant once established but responds to occasional summer water, especially when blooming. Benefits from annual pruning and pinching. The flowers are pollinated by bees and hummingbirds and are a host plant for checkerspot and buckeye butterflies. Deer resistant.

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