Melica geyeri

  • Melica geyeri  Geyer's oniongrass
  • Melica geyeri  Geyer's oniongrass
  • Melica geyeri  Geyer's oniongrass
Geyer's oniongrass

This perennial bunch grass is native to many types of habitat in seasonally moist forests and hillsides throughout much of California. Forms a lush, dense bunch of deep-green, broad blades, spreading slowly by rhizomes. The common name refers to the swollen, onion-like corms at the base of the stems. The inflorescence rises 2-3 ft. tall is made up of long, green, narrow spikelets with purple banding. A perfect grass for dappled shade under oaks and firs. Tolerant of some summer irrigation, but can survive the dry season once established. Goes dormant by early autumn. A host plant of the rural skipper and the white-lined sphinx moth. Deer resistant.

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