Ceanothus papillosus - Upright Baja Form

wartleaf ceanothus

This cold hardy selection from Baja California is highly useful in the garden setting thanks to its tall, upright form and narrow, vaselike shape. Many customers ask us for a big but narrow form of ceanothus. This is one of the few selections that fits the bill. Plants reach 8 – 10 ft tall, but only reach 3 – 4 ft wide, making it ideal for a privacy screen in a small area. Indigo blue flowers cover plants in spring, followed by little seed capsules which are relished by birds. The crinkly, dark-green leaves are elongated and create a nice foil for brighter green plants, such as Salvia and Artemisia. As with all ceanothus, the flowers are loved by a large array of pollinators. Plant in full sun to very light shade and water infrequently once established. Needs decent drainage.

Given to us by Bart O'Brien.

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