Ceanothus 'Coronado'

  • Ceanothus  'Coronado' California lilac
  • Ceanothus  'Coronado' California lilac
California lilac

Phil van Soelen selected this striking natural hybrid from along the Sonoma Coast. It was named for the late David Coronado, our dear friend and a talented plantsmen. Compact habit growing to around 2 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide with dark green, deeply veined, toothed leaves. Frosty blue buds open to luminous deep blue blossoms in early spring. Perhaps best in somewhat cooler climates where it performs beautifully in full sun with moderate to no water once established. Ceanothus are excellent habitat plants providing cover and food for wildlife. The early flowers provide nectar for pollinators and seeds for birds. The myriad of insects attracted to the flowers are an added attraction to birds.

A naturally occurring intersectional hybrid between the subgenera Ceanothus and Cerastes.  This type of hybrid is quite rare.

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