Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium

  • Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium  Oregon grape
  • Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium  Oregon grape
Oregon grape

This attractive, western native evergreen has a long history in cultivation for good reason. Erect stems rise 5 foot or more tall, spreading slowly by underground rhizomes to form dense clumps. Bronzy-red new growth gives way to dark-green, glossy leaves with spiny margins that are prickly to the touch. Cold winters can darken the foliage with purple-red tones. Late spring brings clusters of bright yellow, sweetly scented flowers.  Edible blue-black fruits follow and are pretty and tasty.  A useful and adaptable shrub in a hedge or a shrubby border. Takes full sun to part shade. Performs best with some afternoon shade in hot areas and moderate to infrequent water. A great habitat plant which provides cover, nectar rich flowers and fruits relished by all. Deer resistant.

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