Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Samoa Dunes'


This Humboldt County selection of the ubiquitous bearberry distinguishes itself with large, rounded, glossy leaves of deep green. Reaching a height of about 6 inches and a width of at least 6 feet, this durable groundcover spreads quickly to form a weed-smothering carpet. Little urn-shaped flowers colored soft pink appear in spring and are followed by shiny red berries. Provide full sun to part shade and moderate to occasional irrigation once established. Protect from the hot afternoon sun in warmer areas. The shiny, dark green foliage combines well with grey-leaved plants such as Artemisia ‘David’s Choice’ and the fescue ‘Patrick’s Point’. 

May tolerate infrequent irrigation with afternoon shade or when grown near the ocean.

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