Aquilegia pubescens

  • Aquilegia pubescens  Sierra columbine
  • Aquilegia pubescens  Sierra columbine
Sierra columbine

Found on open, rocky slopes in the southern Sierra Nevadas in sub-alpine and alpine plant communities. Low rosettes of divided, blue-green foliage, sprout from a taproot. Flower stems rise 10 - 20 inches above the fragrant foliage and carry upward facing, nectar rich, long spurred flowers, perfectly positioned for pollinating hawk moths, hummingbirds and butterflies. The flower color is variable and runs the gamut from cream to yellow to pink, often in delicate hues rather than solid colors, except for an occasional pure white. Hybridizes freely with the native red columbine, which invites various shades of red to the flower color possibilities. Grows well in low elevation gardens, given light shade and summer water. 

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