Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina'

  • Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina' Cedros Island verbena
Cedros Island verbena

Introduced by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden from the Cedros Island off of Baja, Mexico and selected for its darker shade of lavender flowers. Forms a lacy mound of foliage 1-2 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. wide, blooming over a long period with dense clusters of deliciously fragrant rich lavender blossoms that are highly attractive to butterflies. Hardy to around 20 degrees. Can bloom nearly year round along the coast, spring through fall elsewhere.  Grows fast enough that it can be used as an annual where it won't survive the winters.  Plant in full sun with moderate to occasional summer watering. A fabulous container plant too. Reportedly deer resistant.

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