Thuja plicata

  • Thuja plicata  Western red cedar
  • Thuja plicata  Western red cedar
Western red cedar

This stately conifer with deep green, scale-like needles and cinnamon-red bark, makes its home on the northern coast of California all the way up to Alaska. A large tree over time, eventually reaching up to 90 ft. tall in the garden and higher in its native habitat. The needle-covered branches hang gracefully in fern-like cascades. Looks best when the branches are allowed to touch the ground when young, allowing its elegant conical shape to be fully utilized. One of the most shade tolerant of our native conifers, but will be happy in full sun, except in hot, interior climates. Needs moderate to occasional irrigation. Tolerates moist soil. One way to identify this species from the other native cedars is by the white butterfly shape on the back of the needles, created by stomatal bloom.

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