Sequoia sempervirens

  • Sequoia sempervirens  coast redwood
  • Sequoia sempervirens  coast redwood
  • Sequoia sempervirens  coast redwood
coast redwood

A beautiful and fast growing conifer, famous, as it is the world’s tallest tree. Provides a symmetrical pyramid of soft fragrant foliage 70 to 100 ft. or more tall. Outside its native range it will be shorter, topping out at around 50 ft. The columnar trunks are covered with thick fibrous red-brown bark. Small one inch cones form in clusters at the branch tips. Grows easily in areas with coastal influence and fog but will grow in drier interior sites with regular summer water. Performs well in the regular watering regimes of many urban gardens and lawns. Can be planted as a specimen, in groves, or even pruned as a hedge. As long as its watering requirements are met it has very few pest or disease problems.

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