Salvia mellifera 'Big Rock'

black sage

California's most common sage, growing in coastal scrub and chaparral communities from SF Bay Area south to Baja. The selection 'Big Rock' hails from the most northerly population, on Big Rock Ridge in Marin County. As the species name suggests, this sage is considered one of the best sources of nectar for bees and attracts a wide array of pollinators, including solitary native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The seeds are relished by quail and other birds. This selection is particularly fast growing and disease resistant, sporting highly fragrant, dark green foliage, growing 5 - 6 ft tall and wide. Late spring brings spikes of bluish-white flowers arranged in tight whorls. Plant in full sun where it will be extremely drought tolerant once established. Deer resistant.

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