Rhamnus (Frangula) californica 'Olema'

California coffeeberry

We discovered this large, dense form of our native coffeeberry near the town of Olema in coastal Marin County. While it reached up to around 15 ft. tall and wide in nature, it has been a little slow to do so in the ground here at the nursery. After about 4 years, it’s reached a height of about 9 ft. This selection of coffeeberry is ideal for a tall hedge or screen where an evergreen shrub is needed to create privacy. Grows well in full sun somewhat near the coast but will need a little shade in hot, inland sites. Occasional to infrequent irrigation once established. Coffeeberries are some of the best habitat plants. The small, yellowish flowers are adored by bees in spring and summer, while the plump, purple fruits that follow are relished by birds.   

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