Rhamnus (Frangula) californica ssp. tomentella

  • Rhamnus (Frangula) californica ssp. tomentella  serpentine coffeeberry
  • Rhamnus (Frangula) californica ssp. tomentella  serpentine coffeeberry
serpentine coffeeberry

This distinctive species of coffeeberry features blue-grey leaves with velvety, silver undersides and grey, fuzzy stems. The somewhat open form grows 6 to 10 ft tall and wide. Clusters of small cream-colored flowers appear from winter through spring and are a favorite of bees. The deep purple fruits which follow are highly prized by birds. While native to serpentine soils, this coffeeberry should thrive anywhere with decent drainage. Provide full sun to light shade and give occasional irrigation once established. The grey stems contrast beautifully with the shiny, dark green leaves of Ceanothus ‘Yankee Point’. 

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