Pinus sabiniana

  • Pinus sabiniana  gray pine
  • Pinus sabiniana  gray pine
  • Pinus sabiniana  gray pine
gray pine

When strolling in the foothills of California one is likely to encounter this distinctive pine emerging from the chaparral. Some people call it the ghost pine due to its long gray needles set against dark, furrowed bark. The open, distorted crown casts a ghoulish silhouette at dusk when the mind plays tricks on the weary hiker. While fairly slow growing, the gray pine can reach a height of 80 ft or more in well-draining sites with ample sunlight. Native Americans prized the big, prickly cones for their large, edible seeds. Plant with manzanitas, toyon, goldenfleece and other drought tolerant shrubs.

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