Mimulus (Diplacus) 'U.C. Hybrid'

  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'U.C. Hybrid' monkeyflower
  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'U.C. Hybrid' monkeyflower

Monkeyflowers are floriferous native sub-shrubs that bloom spring into summer. The cultivar 'U.C.Hybrid' is very vigorous with burnt orange colored flowers. Requires good drainage, full sun along the coast with  light or part shade inland. They benefit from pinching to form a strong framework to support its floriferous branches. Best kept on the dry side with occasional deep summer waterings. Hummingbird, butterflies and bees enjoy the flowers, larval food source for checkerspot and painted lady butterflies. Deer resisitant.

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