Mimulus (Diplacus) 'Pamela'

  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'Pamela' monkeyflower
  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'Pamela' monkeyflower

Monkeyflowers are beloved for their long and showy flower displays of frilly trumpets, beginning in mid spring. The cultivar 'Pamela' was selected by Susan Ashley, a Bay Area grower and instructor of plant propagation. 'Pamela' offers golden-yellow flowers with white edging. Grows 1 to 2 foot tall by 2 foot wide, with narrow, shiny, dark-green foliage. Plant in full sun to light shade with good drainage. Drought tolerant once established, but occasional deep watering extends bloom period. Pinching helps produce a sturdy structure to hold it's abundant blossoms. Highly attractive to bees and hummingbirds. Larval food source for painted lady and checkerspot butterfly. Deer resistant.

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