Mimulus (Diplacus) 'Creamsicle'

  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'Creamsicle' monkeyflower
  • Mimulus (Diplacus)  'Creamsicle' monkeyflower

This is one of Phil's first hybrid monkeyflowers using Mimulus bifidus from Bowman Lake in the Sierra Nevada (thanks to Ted Kipping).  'Creamsicle' blossoms are a beautiful shade of pastel orange with a white throat and dark orange nectar guides giving it a two toned affect.  It has proved long lived in both Fulton and Sebastopol.  It has the useful characteristic of sprouting new growth from the base so that old growth can be pruned away.
Best with light shade and good drainage. Keep the soil on the dry side in summer and fertilize minimally.
The flowers provide nectar for hummingbirds.


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