Hesperoyucca (Yucca) whipplei

  • Hesperoyucca (Yucca) whipplei  Our Lord's candle
  • Hesperoyucca (Yucca) whipplei  Our Lord's candle
Our Lord's candle

Bold and dramatic architectural accent plant native to southern California coast and mountains south to Baja. Forms a dense rosette of rigid silver-blue blades, 2 foot tall by 3 - 4 foot wide. Each blade has a VERY SHARP tip and careful thought should be given to its placement to avoid injury. Plants can take 3 to 15 years to bloom with impressive stalks rising 6 foot or more above the rosette with drooping, creamy white, bell shaped, fragrant flowers. The flowering rosette dies after blooming often being replaced by vegetative offsets. Best with good drainage in full sun to light shade. No water once established. Deer resistant

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