Encelia californica

  • Encelia californica  bush sunflower
bush sunflower

Cheery yellow daisies with purplish-brown centers cover this sunflower from late winter all the way into summer, making it one of our longest blooming natives. The 2-inch-wide blossoms make for stupendous cut flowers and are loved by bees and butterflies. Goldfinches enjoy the seeds which follow. This somewhat short-lived subshrub features dark green, diamond-shaped leaves and reaches about 3 – 4 ft. tall, spreading a little wider. Should reseed if the spent flowers aren’t removed. Enjoys full sun to light shade and occasional to infrequent irrigation with decent drainage to look its best. Native to generally coastal areas in southern California. While not especially cold sensitive, it will freeze if the temperature gets down to the mid 20s.

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