Chilopsis linearis

  • Chilopsis  linearis  desert willow
  • Chilopsis  linearis  desert willow
  • Chilopsis  linearis  desert willow
desert willow

A beautiful summer blooming deciduous shrub, native to desert washes and oases where it grows in gravelly soils and intense heat.  Forms a large multi-branched shrub or small tree with narrow willow-like leaves .  Terminal clusters of showy trumpet-shaped flowers in summer come in shades of white, to pink and lavender with contrasting lines and dots in the throat and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Long narrow bean-like pods follow and hold on into winter when the shrub is leafless.  Desert willow requires hot climates, plenty of sun and heat,  good drainage and occasional deep summer watering to thrive.  Avoid cool coastal conditions and heavy wet soils with cold winter temperatures.  Grows fast when happy with no pest or disease problems, demanding little and providing graceful habit, dappled shade, and showy summer flowers.

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