Balsamorhiza deltoidea

  • Balsamorhiza deltoidea  deltoid balsamroot
  • Balsamorhiza deltoidea  deltoid balsamroot
deltoid balsamroot

A bold and beautiful western native perennial, with bright-yellow, sunflower like blooms. Large, triangular shaped leaves rise from a deep taproot, forming a rosette a foot or so tall. Flower stalks rise mid to late spring, carrying large, yellow daisies which attract a myriad of pollinators. Best in full sun or light shade with good drainage, where it will be very drought tolerant once established. Care should be taken to allow plants to become dryish between waterings, though well established plants require no summer water. Historically used by native people for food and medicine. Attractive to bees and butterflies, and the seeds are relished by birds.

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