Atriplex lentiformis 'Naomi'

quail bush

Quail bush is a large evergreen shrub with attractive silver-gray foliage, native to salt flats, desert scrub and coastal areas of California, the Southwest US, and Northern Mexico. A tough shrub tolerant of poor, saline, or alkaline soils, often used in restoration or large plantings that can accommodate its size and spread. Excellent in dry gardens, hedgerow plantings and for erosion control where it grows quickly and is extremely drought tolerant once established. Growing 5 - 7 foot tall and wide, it can be clipped to keep dense and in bounds. 'Naomi' is a female selection of this dioecious shrub, selected for its allergy resistance due to the lack of pollen. Plant in full sun to light shade with moderate to little or no summer water once established. 

Found in the wild a few miles from Baker California in the Mojave desert.

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