Arctostaphylos hookeri x pajaroensis - Tilden form

  • Arctostaphylos hookeri x pajaroensis - Tilden form  manzanita

We thank Tilden Botanic Garden for this natural cross from the Pajaro River area of Monterey Bay. While similar to ‘Sunset’, this selection has somewhat denser foliage and thicker, more rigid stems. A vigorous and disease resistant manzanita with dark green, wedge-shaped leaves and bronzy-red new growth. In late winter, small, whitish flowers draw native bees into the garden for nectar. The slightly shaggy, cinnamon-colored bark covers the contorted trunks to great effect. Reaches up to a height of about 5 or 6 ft. and a width of around 7 ft. Provide full sun to part shade. Is more tolerant of heavy soils than many manzanitas and will accept moderate to infrequent irrigation in the garden.

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