Arbutus 'Marina'

  • Arbutus  'Marina'
  • Arbutus  'Marina'

Beautiful evergreen with many of the virtues of our native madrone, but much easier to grow. A hybrid of uncertain parentage growing 25 - 40 ft. tall with dark green leathery leaves that have a red blush to the new growth. Flowers in the autumn with showy clusters of rosy-pink urn-shaped flowers. The round red fruits, about one inch across are sparsely produced. Gorgeous peeling cinnamon red bark is another attractive feature. Can be trained as a single trunked tree, multi-trunked specimen, or grown as a screen or tall hedge. Best in full sun with good drainage where it will accept regular water. It is drought tolerant ONCE ESTABLISHED, but is best with occasional (1x or 2x monthly) deep summer waterings. Will tolerate heavy soils if NOT over watered. Flowers are attractive to hummingbirds.

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