Anaphalis margaritacea

  • Anaphalis margaritacea  pearly everlasting
  • Anaphalis margaritacea  pearly everlasting
pearly everlasting

An adaptable plant with silver-green leaves that are densely white and woolly beneath. The flowers appear in summer and are made up of pearly white papery bracts surrounding yellow centers. The “straw flowers” retain their shape and color and are often used in dried arrangements. Tolerant of almost any soil type, it prefers full sun where it will grow in moist to somewhat dry conditions. Can spread vigorously, perhaps best used in meadow plantings or other naturalistic settings. Grows 1 - 3 ft. tall and spreading. Dies back to the ground in the winter. Larval food source for the painted lady and American lady butterflies. Deer resistant.

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