Sherrie Althouse and Phil Van Soelen

Sherrie Althouse and Phil Van Soelen of California Flora Native Plant NurseryWe opened California Flora Nursery for business in 1981 as a native plant nursery. We had previously worked together running Circuit Riders' revegetation nursery. California Flora Nursery emphasizes natives, relatively small container sizes, in-house propagation, and species and genetic diversity. Most of the non-natives we grow are well adapted to our Mediterranean climate.

Awards received include the 2012 Russian Riverkeeper Business Stewardship Award for our dedication and commitment to improving the health of the Russian River and the environment, the 2002 Annual Award from the California Horticultural Society for contributions to California horticulture, and the Sonoma County Water Agency 1988 Xeriscape Award of Excellence in appreciation of our plant materials.

We are both past presidents of the Milo Baker (Sonoma County) Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. We share a deep love and affinity for the native flora and work to propagate it by seed and cuttings to make local selections available to the wider public.

"Great American nurseries remodel our gardens simply through the plants they introduce. Many of these businesses are small and idiosyncratic, the brain-children of people with odd and original visions of how gardens should be."

-Mac Griswold
October 1997 Garden Design Magazine