vine maple
Sierra maple
bigleaf maple
Steens Mountain yarrow
California dandelion
sickle leaf onion
single leaf onion
western white anemone
sharptooth angelica
Brewer's angelica
bluff angelica
foothill angelica
rosy pussy toes
Rocky Mountain columbine
golden columbine
serpentine columbine
western columbine
Sierra columbine
rose rock cress
Pacific madrone
hoary manzanita
Franciscan manzanita
Eastwood manzanita
common manzanita
Mount Tamalpais manzanita
glossyleaf manzanita
ghostly manzanita
Stanford manzanita
Marin manzanita
whiteleaf manzanita
Dutchman's pipe vine
white-flowered wild ginger
wild ginger
marbled wild ginger
heart leaf milkweed
Christmas bush
deltoid balsamroot
longleaf mahonia
California barberry, shiny leaf mahonia
California barberry, shiny leaf mahonia
brook saxifrage
pink California brodiaea
crown brodiaea
harvest brodiaea
Cape Mendocino reed grass
Pacific reed grass
serpentine reed grass
red fairyduster, zapotillo
Wine Cups, Purple Poppy Mallow, Buffalo Rose
yellow mariposa tulip
large flowered star tulip
western spice bush
purple western morning glory
common camas
bigleaf sedge
basket sedge
round-fruit sedge
Mertens' sedge
torrent sedge
slough sedge
California meadow sedge, dune sedge
two tooth sedge
San Diego sedge
foothill sedge
California bush anemone
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
California lilac
Rincon Ridge ceanothus
mountain whitethorn
prostrate buckbrush
Rincon Ridge ceanothus
wavyleaf ceanothus
Hearst ceanothus
coast whitethorn
Santa Barbara ceanothus
Santa Barbara ceanothus
Santa Barbara ceanothus
Parry's ceanothus, ladybloom
variegated blue blossom
snowbrush ceanothus
western redbud
mountain mahogany
Island mountain mahogany
curl-leaf mountain mahogany
narrowleaf soap root
sageleaf rockrose
ruby chalice clarkia, farewell to spring
Fort Miller fairyfan
candy stripe, Indian lettuce
chaparral clematis
anemone clematis
browntwig dogwood
Pacific dogwood
western redtwig dogwood
yellowtwig dogwood
black fruit dogwood
western hawthorn
Pacific hound's tongue
California oatgrass
umbrella plant, indian rhubarb
umbrella plant, indian rhubarb
red larkspur
Columbian larkspur
island bush poppy
western bleeding heart
white bleeding heart
firecracker flower
California ponysfoot
giant chalk Dudleya
canyon liveforever
chalk liveforever
Catalina Island Dudleya
bush sunflower
stream orchid
pink seaside daisy
seaside daisy
desert yellow fleabane
saffron buckwheat
California buckwheat
St. Catherine's Lace
Wyeth buckwheat
coastal bluff buckwheat
sulphur flower buckwheat
golden sulphur flower buckwheat
Point Reyes wallflower
San Francisco wallflower
Menzie's wallflower
coastal monkeyflower
common monkeyflower
giant fawn lily
California poppy coastal form
western burning bush
California fescue
giant California fescue
Idaho fescue
western fescue
creeping red fescue
creeping red fescue
fraise de bois
woodland strawberry
flowering ash
checker lily
island bush snapdragon
Fremont's silk tassel
hairy gum plant
California helianthella
cow parsnip
Our Lord's candle
coral bells
coral bells
roundleaf alumroot
smooth alumroot
shaggy haired alumroot
Island alum root
pink alumroot
slender-tubed iris
Douglas iris
Fernald's iris
Del Norte County iris
long tube iris
Pacific Coast hybrid iris
Pacific Coast hybrid iris
Pacific Coast hybrid iris
California black walnut
soft rush
California grey rush
California grey rush
heartleaf keckiella
hillside pea, Pacific pea
Grecian laurel
dwarf English lavender
English lavender
white flowered English lavender
Island mallow, malva rosa
smooth tidy tips
tidy tips
pitcher sage
fragrant pitcher sage
fragrant pitcher sage
cliff maids
celeryleaf licorice root
spotted Humboldt lily
Point Reyes meadowfoam
Western blue flax
California lomatium
lace parsnip
fernleaf biscuitroot
common lomatium
western trumpet honeysuckle
California honeysuckle, hairy honeysuckle
coral honeysuckle
goldflame honeysuckle
prostrate silver lupine
Douglas' silver bush lupine
sky lupine
Cobb Mountain lupine
harlequin lupine
small-flowered woodrush
false lily of the valley
fat false Solomon's seal
slim false Solomon's seal
chaparral bush mallow
fremont's bush mallow
Jones's bush mallow
Santa Lucia bush mallow
wild cucumber, California manroot
coast man-root, wild cucumber
sticky monkeyflower
rock bush monkeyflower
Santa Susana monkeyflower
Sierra sweet bay
baby blue eyes
Shasta snow-wreath
California primrose
redwood sorrel
white redwood sorrel
Moroccan poppy
coastal miterwort
azure penstemon
southwest penstemon
Davidson's penstemon
shrubby penstemon
foothill penstemon
white foothill penstemon
mountain pride
scented penstemon
Parry's penstemon
yellow pineleaf penstemon