Echeveria cultivars

Attractive evergreen clumping succulents, forming rosettes of waxy leaves with graceful flowers of yellow, orange, pink or rose on arching stems in late spring/summer. Not commonly found in true hot desert conditions, many echeverias originated in high, cold, plateaus of Mexico, the Peruvian Andes, tropical areas of South America, and a few in Texas. They are drought tolerant, but appreciate water while actively growing in summer, provided they dry out in between. Well drained soil is very important. Many are situated on mountains and rocky cliffs, giving them resistance to cold, and allowing any water collected in the middle of the rosette to drain off. Not typically frost hardy, they withstand cold (to 20 degrees) if kept protected (from frost) and dry (stop watering in late fall then begin sparingly in the spring). Many do well if grown under the protection of eaves or tall shrubs or trees, in a bright spot.  Flowers are long-lived in arrangements. Fantastic in containers, grouped with other succulents.

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